Dana College Football Shirts


It’s been nearly 10 years since Dana College fielded a football team. That means two things have happened:

  1. You’ve ruined, stained or lost your old Dana Football standard issue “practice” t-shirt.
  2. You’ve gotten much “larger” and the shirt no longer fits.

Never fear, you can now buy a new shirt! The inspiration for the design comes from the 1996-2003 t-shirt, mostly because that’s the one I had and the one that I could find on Kevin Stull’s Facebook page.

dana shirt

The shirt color will be gray. I’m charging $17 per shirt. Here’s why: The shirt will cost $6-8 depending on total quantity ordered. I will mail them to you in a USPS flat rate envelope for $7.35. Wix/Paypal/Square all charge a small fee per transaction so I’m adding a $1 or so to that.

The shirts will be printing in mid-April and will ship late April/early May. You have until April 10th to get your order placed.

Any money leftover I will donate to the Dana College Homecoming.

Click Here To Order the Shirt!


Look as cool as Kevin in 2007 and hang out with all your friends in a Dana College Football T-Shirt!!!!



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