Welcome to Road to the Chipper! The Authority on NAIA Football.

The Tom Osborne Trophy

The Tom Osborne Trophy


First things first, thanks for checking out the web site. You are here because in some way you really enjoy NAIA football. It is still a work in progress but by the time the NAIA football season rolls around I hope to have all of the bells and whistles to this site up and going.

Backing up a little bit, I’m Jason Dannelly. For lack of a better way of putting it I’ve been a guru of sorts for NAIA football since 2002. That’s when I started what was then known as NAIAFOOTBALL.NET which eventually became the Victory Sports Network then the College Fanz Sports Network then BACK to the Victory Sports Network. (Did you catch all that?)

I’ve created this web site, blog or whatever you want to call it to only focus on NAIA football. It’s what I love and outside of the Kansas City Royals it’s really the only sport I actively care about. Yes, I still watch all other sports but as soon as I turn off the TV or click out of the web site I really don’t have an opinion.

In the coming months the focus of this site will be everything NAIA football leading up to the championship game in Daytona Beach, Fla. Hence the name, Road to the Chipper.

“The Chipper” is the name that has been given to the NAIA football championship game by the fans, coaches and players around the NAIA. It started being dubbed that name back in 2004 on the old VSN message boards. For whatever reason, it has stuck and I feel is an appropriate name for this web site.

You might be wondering why I didn’t go with NAIAsomething.com or NAIAFBinsertyoursuggestionhere.com? Without going into days and days worth of text the simple reason is “NAIA” is trademarked by the national office. It’s a lot simpler and cleaner to not use “NAIA” in your web site name unless you want to jump through a lot of hoops. Plus, there might be an occasional opinion on this web site that doesn’t reflect the views of the national office. So in an effort to respect what they are doing as a national organization – this site is called “Road to the Chipper.”

The tagline to this site is “The Authority on NAIA Football” not to sound egotistical or braggadocios. I started playing football in 1998 at Dana College which was an NAIA school. I’ve followed NAIA football ever since and have been to nearly every football playing institutions campus at some point in time and talk regularly with NAIA football coaches. I’ve seen every NAIA championship game since 2001 live and was on site from 2004-2013. I’ve acquired a lot of knowledge on the NAIA and I feel like that has earned me the right to give this site that tagline.

And before the haters chime in, I still love the Victory Sports Network and everything that Rob is doing with the site. Given my schedule, life and “real job” I wanted to get back to having my own thing. I want nothing but the best for that site and everyone involved.

Some people have hobbies, second jobs or watch a lot of TV in their spare time. I read, watch and look up stuff on NAIA football. Enjoy the website and feel free to contact me at roadtothechipper@gmail.com.

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