Jason Dannelly Movie Review: The Interview.

The_Interview_2014_posterYep. . .I was that guy today. I didn’t have any interest in seeing “The Interview” in theaters when I first saw the trailer. It looked a lot like most James Franco/Seth Rogen comedies. Then the two did an interview with my favorite radio show “Opie and Jimmy” and I was intrigued to maybe check it out.

Then. . Sony hack, no release, limited release and ultimately on demand release sparked my interest even more.

I logged into my YouTube account, bought the movie and watched it with my buddy Kevin sitting in my own living room. Simple. I realize this might hurt movie theaters in the long run but when I see movies like this coming out I can’t help but think on demand might be a better avenue than traditional venues. Louis CK started the trend offering his comedy specials online for $5. Joe Rogan also did the same. Continue reading