Jason Dannelly Movie Review: The Interview.

The_Interview_2014_posterYep. . .I was that guy today. I didn’t have any interest in seeing “The Interview” in theaters when I first saw the trailer. It looked a lot like most James Franco/Seth Rogen comedies. Then the two did an interview with my favorite radio show “Opie and Jimmy” and I was intrigued to maybe check it out.

Then. . Sony hack, no release, limited release and ultimately on demand release sparked my interest even more.

I logged into my YouTube account, bought the movie and watched it with my buddy Kevin sitting in my own living room. Simple. I realize this might hurt movie theaters in the long run but when I see movies like this coming out I can’t help but think on demand might be a better avenue than traditional venues. Louis CK started the trend offering his comedy specials online for $5. Joe Rogan also did the same.

As for the movie itself, it’s not a waste of time like some reviews would suggest. It has its funny moments and a few memorable laughs. It’s far from hilarious or sidesplitting but if you are sitting in your apartment on a day off looking for something to kill two hours you won’t regret it. Full disclosure, we watched “Airplane” on Netflix in our time immediately preceding this movie if that tells you anything.

Seth Rogen is his usual self and delivers some pretty good lines. James Franco’s character is pretty clueless and also has some great lines. And if you aren’t familiar with the term “honey potting” you will be after this movie. (I was not).

The must talked about Kim Jong Un death scene wasn’t anything special. Oh. . .sorry. Spoiler alert. . he dies.

The plot doesn’t stray from the previews at all. It’s pretty much exactly what you think it is with some jokes, slapstick and sex thrown in. I walked away from this movie thinking two things: 1. I’d watch a lot more marginal movies if I could just get them delivered directly to my TV when they were released. 2. Lizzy Caplan needs to be in more movies.

Scale of 1-10, Probably 6.5.

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