Former NAIA RB Doug Wasylk Gained A Son But Lost His Wife. Please Donate.

Doug and Elise WasylkThis week I will not be writing a review or preview of what’s going on in NAIA football. Sometimes, tragedies happen that touch you and remind you that even though we take college football very seriously, in the end it is just a game.

One of my favorite NAIA football programs has always been the University of Saint Francis (Ind.) because of the type of young men on their teams and how well they were coached. There was never a shortage of stars. Players of the year nationally, conference players of the year and countless NAIA players of the week were all over the rosters through the years.

But for every star, there were 15 blue collar kids working their butts on to bring them glory. That’s the very basis of NAIA football and that’s what Doug Wasylk of the University of Saint Francis exemplified. Wasylk was the type of NAIA RB I loved to watch. Tough, gritty and one that would NEVER give up. In his career he rushed for over 1500 yards and 14 touchdowns and played alongside a couple of superstar NAIA running backs.

Right now, Doug needs everyone’s help.

Recently he was blessed with the birth of a son, Tucker Dean Wasylk, but in the process of birth he lost his wife, Elise. All the families are going through a tough time right now. In order to ease the financial burden in these tough times, a Go Fund Me account was set up by a close friend of Doug and Elise.

Please donate and spread the word. I cannot think of a more deserving person in this world to receive unconditional support from everyone, including strangers. When I see a former NAIA athlete going through a major tragedy like this I can’t help but think of all the other people out there willing to donate and help out.

Please, spread the word and help a person in need.

****Update as of 8:00 CT on 10/27/14 – 50K raised for the Family****

Thanks – Jason Dannelly

6 thoughts on “Former NAIA RB Doug Wasylk Gained A Son But Lost His Wife. Please Donate.

    • Kara, I watched your son play a lot of football games. He was the type of player and person that is the embodiment of this level of football. I can’t imagine what he is going through. This is the very least I can do to help.


  1. I don’t know you, but I heard the story from mutual friends through Facebook. I can’t imagine the pain you are going through, but please know you, your new sweet baby boy, and your family are in my prayers.


  2. Mr. Dannelly – I would like to thank you for your very kind words and will make sure Doug has an chance to read the article. Thanks again Doug’s Dad


  3. We do not know these kids peraonally but have work with Jerry, Elise’s dad for 31 yrs and we can not image what these families are going thru at this time but we surely send are sincere condolences to them at the time!

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