2019 Rimington Award Winners for the Nation’s Top Center for FCS, DII, DIII and NAIA Announced

FCS 2019 Larsen Action 1

Southern Utah’s Zach Larsen Wins First Rimington Award in School History

New York, NY – Zach Larsen of Southern Utah headlines the 2019 Rimington Award winners for the FCS, DII, DIII and NAIA divisions. This year’s selections mark the 17th time the top center of each respective level has received the award.


Larsen, a senior from Draper, Utah, has been one of the more decorated centers in recent FCS history. He is a three-time All-Big Sky Conference honoree, earning unanimous first team honors this season. In 2018 he was named an All-American by Phil Steele as well as by the Walter Camp Football Foundation. In 2017 he received All-American honors from STATS, Hero Sports and Phil Steele. Additionally, Larsen has been a fulltime starter at center for the Thunderbirds since his freshman year.  Zach is the first Thunderbird to ever receive the Rimington Award and the fourth winner from the Big Sky Conference. Continue reading

The Top 25 NAIA Football Programs of All-Time

texasaiWhile I can appreciate the “Big J” journalists doing their best to understand small college football, I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out they are doing a terrible job.

Recently ESPN published their attempt at “The 50 best college football programs over the last 150 years.” They characterized the list as being put together as “college football’s greatest programs across all divisions” while in the same breath leaving out the NAIA. Ahh, the “Big J” journalists doing their finest work.

I’m sure they will make the argument, “Well we counted the NAIA championships for teams in DII and DIII.” But nevertheless, there isn’t one current NAIA program on the list.

Not one. Zero. Zilch. Continue reading

The NAIA Football Coma

It’s early on this Saturday morning, I’ve got a brisket on the smoker and I’m killing time until it’s magical juiciness is ready to eat. So let’s play a game. Continue reading

Dana College Football Shirts


It’s been nearly 10 years since Dana College fielded a football team. That means two things have happened:

  1. You’ve ruined, stained or lost your old Dana Football standard issue “practice” t-shirt.
  2. You’ve gotten much “larger” and the shirt no longer fits.

Never fear, you can now buy a new shirt! The inspiration for the design comes from the 1996-2003 t-shirt, mostly because that’s the one I had and the one that I could find on Kevin Stull’s Facebook page.

dana shirt

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The shirts will be printing in mid-April and will ship late April/early May. You have until April 10th to get your order placed.

Any money leftover I will donate to the Dana College Homecoming.

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Dear Pos,

posDear Pos,

It’s been a couple of weeks since we last talked but I’m glad you called when you did. It was great catching up with you and talking about the old times. Like you, I miss them. I miss the times we all used to have, I missed playing ball together but most of all I miss being around you and all of the guys. You were right, we didn’t realize how great things were when we had it. Shit was pretty easy back then when the toughest thing was not being too hungover to get a grade in LARP.

Good ol’ Johnny Knuckleskins. Goddamn man, that name still makes me laugh. That guy could grill a steak too.

We’re lucky we didn’t get tetanus that summer we all stayed in Blair and worked out together grilling with that old ass grill I had and rusty ass cooking sheets. I still remember when I handed it to you and you deadpanned “Hey Chipper, you got any with less rust? These are pretty good steaks.” Continue reading

Jason Dannelly’s Annual KC Royals Preview.


Welcome to the Burch Smith Era

Well here we are again! Opening day is upon us and it’s time to strap in for 162 games where the summer sun beating down on our backs as we watch the boys in blue take the AL Central and head to the World Series.

Wow. . .these are. . . really good drugs.

I’m kidding, no drugs were taken during the writing of this preview although by the end of the season that might be a different story. To be honest if there is anyone that has that positive of an outlook on this season for KC you might want to get a hair sample and send it off to the lab.

Continue reading

The Top 50 Greatest All-Time Kansas City Royals from 50 Years of Royals Baseball. By Jason Dannelly


The Greatest Pair of Glasses Ever for KC.

Over the past week I’ve been nursing my post-football/pre-baseball sickness that seems to creep in every year at this time. The only cure is to scour the internet for spring baseball statistics, check up on the top prospects and remind yourself of everything forgotten about the last baseball season.

Then it happened. I went to the Kansas City Royals web site. It was right there. . .mocking me.

“The Top 50 Greatest All-Time Kansas City Royals from 50 Years of Royals Baseball.”

I did what I shouldn’t have. . .I clicked the link and No. 50 came up. . .Jarrod Dyson.

Yes, that Jarrod Dyson.

After my computer finished crashing and I stopped swearing at it and the list, I made a decision. I’m coming up with my own “Top 50 Greatest Royals from the First 50 Years.” After all, if you start the list with Jarrod Dyson it’s going to be a flawed list. That’s nothing against Dyson and his time in blue but to even mention him as one of the top Royals of all-time means that you literally started watching Royals baseball in 2014 and stopped halfway through 2016 when they weren’t doing so well.

I completely understand that no “all-time team” will ever be written without criticism. I’m sure this one will be torn apart.

I also understand that the Royals web site list was voted on by the fans which confirms my fear of the bandwagoners leading the voice of the Royals fans now and not the ones who actually watched and paid attention when they were losing 100 plus games a year with Runelvys Hernandez trotting out to the mound as the next big thing. (Note: He didn’t make the list.) Continue reading

2017 FCS Semifinal: North Dakota State vs. Sam Houston State

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2017 Rimington Award Winners for the Nation’s Top Center for FCS, DII, DIII and NAIA Announced.


South Dakota State’s Jacob Ohnesorge Wins First Rimington Award in School History

New York, NY – Jacob Ohnesorge of South Dakota State University headlines the 2017 Rimington Award winners for the FCS, DII, DIII and NAIA divisions. This year’s selections mark the 15th time the top center of each respective level has received the award.

Ohnesorge, a senior from Waunakee, Wis. is a three-time All-Missouri Valley Football Conference honoree, earning first team honors in both his junior and senior seasons. Additionally, Ohnesorge excelled in the classroom being named to the MVFC Academic Honor Roll in 2013, 2014 and 2016. Jacob has started 53 consecutive games which ties a record for the South Dakota State University Jackrabbits and has already graduated with his degree in Mechanical Engineering.  After starting all four seasons, Ohnesorge was part of one of the best offenses in SDSU school history this year averaging 38.8 points per game.  Ohnesorge is the first Jackrabbit to ever receive the Rimington Award. Continue reading

Music You Should Hear: Tyler Childers

tyler-childersBack in August, Tyler Childers released “Purgatory” as his second ever studio album. Prior to the release, I knew nothing about Childers or his music and the only thing I did know was this album was produced by Sturgill Simpson and David Ferguson. Being the Sturgill fan that I am it deserved a listen.

I’m not one to push music on people and I’m not one that listens to an album once and thinks that it’s gold. Usually what I do is check it out over a period of time and see if the music sticks. Ultimately, is it good enough to keep me going back to it on my long drives around the countryside. Continue reading