Nebraska Needs to Legalize Gay Marriage

same_sex_marriage_ban_in_nebraska__giacomo_cardelliby Jason Dannelly
It’s my hope that in the coming days U.S. District Judge Joseph Bataillon will overturn Nebraska’s ban on gay marriage.

There. . .I said it.

Anyone that knows me understands I don’t particularly like writing things that are controversial. I enjoy discussing my views with people that are close to me and don’t often venture outside of the world of sports and comedy when it comes to the written word. Mostly because I understand that once you write something, it’s there and it’s not going anywhere.

Since 1998, I’ve considered myself a journalist. I had been working in radio and when I was in college I got the opportunity to begin writing a column every few weeks in the local Blair, Nebraska newspaper. Not a college paper, an actual for profit paper. Since then I never really wrote anything that wasn’t sports related or involved some sort of comedy or entertainment.

The main reason was because of my fear that my actual opinions on “real life situations” would alienate what few readers I actually had or anger people that I worked for.

But after giving it some serious thought, I decided now was the right time to speak up for what I feel is the right path for my home state and to show support to so many of my friends who continue to be discriminated against.

First, a little background on where I come from. I grew up in a family that went to church every weekend. I went to CCD classes every Wednesday night and I graduated college from a small liberal arts faith based school. I say this only to strike down the instant argument that “I don’t know the Bible” or that I wasn’t raised “Christian” because every person that is against Nebraska legalizing gay marriage instantly jumps to that.

I can’t remember the first gay person I met just like I can’t remember the first black person I met or anyone else that society would have deemed as “different” than me. What I can remember is being raised in a family and community that taught me you don’t treat people badly because they aren’t exactly the same as you.

I can safely say I know a lot of gay people and have quite a few gay friends. To even begin to think they shouldn’t be afforded the same rights as me is incomprehensible. And I say that as a guy who has been married and divorced, TWICE.

I don’t see all these people opposing gay marriage and quoting the Bible lining up at courthouses opposing divorce. Wouldn’t it make more sense if you were trying to “protect the sanctity of marriage” that you not only block gay marriage but also block the courts from allowing divorce?

They don’t because frankly people who oppose gay marriage only pick the passages from the Bible that get them what they want without saying what they really mean. . .they hate gay people. It’s really convenient to say “Well, I love everyone but the Bible says. . .”

Meanwhile the same people skip over the parts in the same book that says don’t eat shrimp or snails, get a tattoo, work on Sundays and you’d better not be mixing linen and wool fabrics! (Read Leviticus if you don’t believe me. Or is that a book that doesn’t count? You can’t tell. . .but I’m sarcastically rolling my eyes right now.)

The number of times that my friends and colleagues  have told me about how they were discriminated against is appalling. And why? Because they loved someone? In a world so filled with hate and negativity how can you discriminate against love?

The State of Nebraska, Judge Joseph Bataillon and everyone else let’s do the right thing and show the rest of the country and world for that matter that we won’t stand for prejudice and discrimination.

And for those of you who still oppose, I think Jim Jeffries said it best, “It you hate gay marriage, then don’t marry a gay person!”

Jim Jeffries Video (Language!!!)

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