Music You Should Hear: Tyler Childers

tyler-childersBack in August, Tyler Childers released “Purgatory” as his second ever studio album. Prior to the release, I knew nothing about Childers or his music and the only thing I did know was this album was produced by Sturgill Simpson and David Ferguson. Being the Sturgill fan that I am it deserved a listen.

I’m not one to push music on people and I’m not one that listens to an album once and thinks that it’s gold. Usually what I do is check it out over a period of time and see if the music sticks. Ultimately, is it good enough to keep me going back to it on my long drives around the countryside.

“Purgatory” is just that. No matter the new release or new songs I have heard over the last couple of months, I keep going back to Childers and this album.

The best way I can describe this music is Classic Country with a Bluegrass edge. If you think of a singer in a dusty hole in the wall bar on a Thursday night belting out a sound that has everyone listening, you should picture Childers and his music.

Childers has been a pretty well known name around Kentucky where he grew up. If you search for his music on Youtube you will find countless acoustic sets performed all over the place. As I spiral down the rabbit hole of a musical search on a Sunday night in December I keep finding recording after recording that fails to disappoint.

So if you are looking for something new, check out “Purgatory” and some of his other stuff that is out there. If you like Sturgill, Jason Isbell and music from that genre I think you will like Tyler Childers. “Whitehouse Road” was released as a single so you should probably check that out for sure. I’ve also linked some other songs.

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