Movie Review: Hell of High Water

hellorhighOver a month ago I went and saw the movie “Hell or High Water” and I’m finally getting around to writing about it. Yeah, that entire “Job, Life, Work, Laziness, Don’t Wanna” sometimes gets in the way.

Regardless of all of that, “Hell or High Water” is the best movie I’ve seen in quite a while.

I realize most of you are probably sitting there saying, “I’ve never heard of this movie. Dannelly must be hitting the crack pipe.” but that isn’t the case.

First, crack isn’t big in North Dakota. Second, I prefer a nice. . .I’m joking people.

The plot of the movie is pretty simple. Two brothers with somewhat checkered pasts are trying to save the land their mom had to mortgage in order to cover her medical bills. Bank robberies, gun fights and high speed chases ensue. The movie is incredibly well written. The characters are complex and Jeff Bridges is amazing. “The Dude” should win an award this year for his performance. Additionally, I’d never really seen much of Chris Pine’s past stuff, but he’s damn good in this movie.

Pine is particular great when it comes to making you want to know more about him. The scene towards the end of the movie where he is talking to his son and telling him there are going to be a lot of things said about him and to “. . . believe it, I did all of it.” is touching and memorable.

Ben Foster plays Pine’s brother in the movie as a hot headed ex-con. The role on paper seems to be cliche but Foster does a great job of making more of his part than the usual you would see in this type of person. He’s funny, he’s an asshole, he’s thoughtful. . .he captured the character perfectly.

This flick is also shot incredibly well. A lot of the scenes you’d like to screen capture, blow up and hand on a wall. There aren’t many aspects to this movie where I can find fault. But I’m also a simple man who is easily entertained by bright moving pictures, loud noises and fancy actors.

The movie is released to DVD/Digital on November 22nd. I’d highly suggest grabbing it and checking it out. And since you likely still are convinced, here is the trailer:

Official Trailer: Hell or High Water


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