NAIA Ramblings of Jason Dannelly from 10/7/2007: Mid-Term Grades From Professor Jason

Let’s take a look at the report card for some of the major highlights and lowlights of NAIA football at the midterm.

A+ Honor Roll
Ohio Dominican: Panthers snapped the 54 game regular season winning streak of St. Francis and defeated a highly rated Saint Xavier team. Plus ODU got a win over DII Tiffin, that’s extra credit in “Professor Chip’s” book.

Lindenwood: People seemed to have forgotten about how good of students the Lions could be. They’re undefeated and looking for a chance to play in Savannah. Hopefully this student doesn’t decide to coast and forget to show up for the final.

Jamestown: This student lost a lot of experience over the last year but must have done some key studying last spring and summer to be ready for this season. Their definitely the best student in their class but we’ll have to wait and see what will happen if they make it to a regional “Quiz Bowl”.

Urbana: We thought this student was all but headed out of the door but they decided to come back one more year and show us they can be very good in this class. Their win over Walsh put them up a little closer to the top of their class’ honor roll but will need to hit the books hard until they take their final

Montana Western: This professor expected this student to sit in the back of the class and not pay attention. By the end of the school year I figured they’d be causing trouble but not enough to be a distraction. Never doubt a good student! The Bulldogs are in the front of the class and paying attention to every lesson!

Doane College: Matt Franzen took over a program that had fewer than 40 guys finish the season in 2006. This student worked hard in the off season and when everyone else (including this professor) counted them out, they got something done. Doane has already won two games this year … that’s two more than anyone thought they would win this season. Gold star for Doane! (Okay, that was cheesy)

Other A+ Honor Roll Members
Sioux Falls
Carroll College
Saint Xavier
The A Honor Roll
St. Francis IN
Bethel TN
Virginia-Wise (6-1)
Bethel KS (5-0)

Students that need more time in study hall:
You know the drill fellas, the grades aren’t where you want them to be and you have to get ready for the final. You still have a shot at getting an “A” by the end of the semester but you are going to have to work at it.

MidAmerica Nazarene, Northwestern IA, Graceland, MSU-Northern, Shorter, Malone, Morningside, and U-Cumberlands are off to a great start this semester but they need to keep their nose in the books.

Double the study hall hours:
Some of the NAIA’s best students seem to be slacking this season. They have the tools but for some reason they just seem to be lacking that punch needed to start the season the way I would have liked to have seen. St. Ambrose, Friends, Walsh and Missouri Valley need to spend a few more hours a week with their books open if they are going to pull off an “A” grade
Ups, Downs and Holding Steady:
There are some students whose parents need to know they are doing well in class and some that parents need to be notified their student needs to kick it in the butt just to have a passing grade. And of course there are some students that are doing their job but not causing me to take much notice as of yet. But they had better be careful and not slip onto the down list!

Now before anyone takes offense to the following list I should give my criteria for the grading because it is pretty simple. Just imagine if at the beginning of the season I guessed at what everyone’s grade would be at this time of the season? Well the following report shows whether I feel like those teams are up, down or holding steady! Pretty simple … but I’m sure I’ll still get some hate mail. Just remember that a down isn’t necessarily a bad thing … it just means this professor thought you would be a little further a long with your homework.

Here’s our progress report of the Ups, Downs and Holding Steady’s in the NAIA.

UP -Nebraska Wesleyan

UP – Rocky Mountain – MT

UP – Ottawa – KS

UP – Bethany – KS

UP – Southern Oregon

UP – Bacone – KS

UP – Concordia – NE

UP – Peru State – NE

UP – Minot State – ND

UP – Baker – KS

UP – Texas College

UP – Evangel – MO

UP – South Dakota Mines

UP – Southwestern – KS
UP – Taylor – IN
UP – Hastings – NE

UP – Dakota State – SD

DWN – William Penn – IA

DWN – Kansas Wesleyan

DWN -Georgetown – KY

DWN – Lambuth – TN

DWN – McKendree – IL

DWN -Trinity International – IL

DWN – Tabor – KS
DWN -Waldorf – IA

DWN -Haskell Indian Nations – KS

DWN – Iowa Wesleyan

DWN – Valley City State – ND

DWN – Dickinson State – ND

DWN – Black Hills – SD

DWN – Briar Cliff – IA
DWN – Central Methodist – MO
DWN -Campbellsville – KY
DWN – Eastern Oregon – OR
HS – Montana Tech
HS – Pikeville – KY

HS – Southwest Assemblies of God – TX

HS – Belhaven – MS

HS – West Virginia Tech

HS – Avila – MO

HS – Azusa Pacific – CA

HS – Southern Nazarene
HS – McPherson – KS

HS – Dana – NE

HS – Midland Lutheran – NE

HS – Webber International – FL

HS – Cumberland – TN

HS – Union – KY

HS – Edward Waters – FL

HS – St. Francis– IL

HS – Sterling – KS

HS – Mayville State – ND

HS – William Jewell – MO

HS – Langston – OK
HS – Northwestern Oklahoma State

HS – Quincy – IL

HS – Olivet Nazarene – IL

HS -Culver-Stockton – MO
HS – Benedictine – KS

INC – Marian – IN

INC – Faulkner – AL
There are the grades for this mid-term report. Some of these students can improve while others might be cashing it in for the rest of the semester to blow spitwads at the rest of the class.  In the end we will find out who wants to improve and who is ready to settle.


You know what you have to do now, so go out and get it done!

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