NAIA Campus Report for 10/2/2004 from Jason Dannelly: A Wedding with Friends

There were no rushing yards and the only passing was that of the time with old friends. Saturday was not a day for football, but it was a day of friends and marriage. I was in Collierville , TN for a wedding which was by far more important than any football game I have attended this season. One of my old college roommates was getting married, an even important enough for me to leave the world of football for one day.

The marriage of Eric and Molly Lee made me think back to what Mike Van Diest of Carroll College told his players in the off-season. A letter to them spoke about their priorities in life and how they should fall. The letter stated his players priorities should fall in this order: God, Family, School, Football.

Well the first two were very much involved in this weekend.

The least I could do is try to live my own life by what Coach Van Diest and so many other coaches try to have their players live their lives by.

It was one of those days were football had to take a back seat. Football is part of my life, but it is not my life. It is my business. It is not what defines me as a person and it is not what drives my life. Family and friends, much like Eric, Molly and my friends are the people that drive my life.

Next week the campus report will switch back to football, but for this week it’s about friends and family.

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