37 Years


Age 30 – The New Yorker? Really?

Today I turn 37.

37. . .holy crap. I guess I didn’t pay attention the last couple of years because they have flown by pretty quickly. Admittedly, there were a few years that couldn’t get over or be forgotten about quick enough. But come on, I swear I was like 31 just a little while ago.

37 is also a horrific year in celebrity deaths. It’s not like there was any cool drug overdoses of legends or other ways that people were “taken way too young.” At age 37, some serious stuff when wrong.

  • Lou Gehrig died of ALS.
  • Vincent Van Gogh shot and killed himself.
  • Christa McAuliffe died in the Challenger explosion.

Pardon me while I stare blank faced at my computer for 10 minutes thinking of the horrific ways I might die if I go this year. . . WOW. That was fun. Where’s my birthday party hat and candles? Continue reading

Review: Running for His Life – The Lawrence Phillips Story


Phillips in 1996 vs. Florida.

Beautiful, tragic, heartbreaking and complicated. Those might be the best words to describe the life of former Husker Lawrence Phillips.

The story of LP to anyone from the state of Nebraska or the world of college football is anything but a mystery. If you followed the Cornhuskers at all in the 1990’s you know the ups and downs of the life of the most controversial runningback in the history of the program.

But what you probably don’t know are the details, reasons and the deep tragedy that was the man who asked Tom Osborne as a senior in high school “Who wears No. 1 for your team?”

Showtime captured the story of LP in 88 minutes better than anyone could have ever thought. Continue reading

The TV Series Blog

showsRecently I was talking with a few friends about TV shows and new series to watch. Like a lot of people, I enjoy a good binge session. If there is one thing I have learned to love about Netflix, HBO GO, Hulu and the other apps on my AppleTv it’s that if I don’t have plans, I can easily make them.

Quickly the conversation went from finding new things to watch to “dude, you watch too many shows.”

Is there such a thing? I mean the average American spends 33 hours a week watching TV. Some weeks, I blow that average out of the water. Other weeks, I would say I am right on and maybe even under.

The biggest difference is I don’t spend a lot of time watching network TV anymore. Growing up it seemed like every night of the week there were 2-3 shows that consistently were watched by the Dannelly family. Early on I remember “The Wonder Years” and “Rosanne” to be a couple the family sat around to watch each week.

You also have to understand that for a good portion of my childhood, I didn’t even know NBC existed. Where we lived in the country the over the air signal was limited to ABC and CBS. Because of that I credit my parents nightly ritual of KOLN/KGIN News at 6 (RIP Mel Maines) and Wheel of Fortune at 6:30. Of course this was all contingent on whether or not we were done milking cows, but I digress.

Continue reading

TV Review: Roadies. It’s Better Than You Think.

roadiesThis spring during my binge watching of Shameless, Billions and a few other shows on Showtime, I noticed trailers for this new show called “Roadies” popping up. I took a quick look on IMDB to see what I could decipher and saw a few things that made me go “meh” and forget about the show.

Most notably “Cameron Crowe” and “Luke Wilson”. I don’t have anything against these guys but when I see them as top billing on a show I tend to not get juiced up to watch it.

Then the show happened for a few weeks and I didn’t watch it. GOT ended and all of my other shows were on hiatus so I decided to give “Roadies” a try for one episode.  Needless to say I got hooked and watched the entire season as quickly as possible. Continue reading

The Athletic Trainer: An Unsung Hero


Mark Kwikkel at the VSN All Star Classic.

Anyone who has talked to me this summer understands I’ve had a lot of windshield time. During a recent long drive and because college football season is about to start  I went down my annual spiral of thinking about different teams in the NAIA and reminiscing about my friends and I when I played at Dana College.

Sure we lost a lot of games but I made a lot of friends and memories back in those days. Some people have come and gone over the years but there was one guy who I am eternally grateful for the chance to be around him and his profession.

Mark Kwikkel, former head athletic trainer at Dana College, saved my life and I want to thank him for it. Continue reading

Any Given Wednesday: I’m Not Supposed To Like This.

any-given-wednesday-1349There is no mystery behind the fact that I like a good show on TV. The evidence lies within the daily conversations I have and when people say “Hey, did you see ____ on Netflix?”

Sadly, yes. The answer is always yes. House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Love, Longmire. . .the list can go on forever. Oh, is it a new special from some random comedian? Yeah, I probably have it on my nightly rotation slowly putting me to sleep like a lullaby.

I honestly have to set my TV timer to shut off or else I wake up at 3AM to the glare of my TV screen showing some AppleTv slideshow of tigers and waterfalls. Continue reading

Life is Not that Different.


One of the first things people said to me when I moved from Nebraska to Minnesota was “Geez, that’ll be different.”

Then I moved from Mankato, Minn. to Fargo, N.D. and heard “Oh wow, now THAT will be different.”

So when I first packed up my stuff and took off for Minnesota I kept thinking to myself, “Do my friends and family know something that I don’t know?”

I’d never really lived any place other than Nebraska but given my world during VSN I got to see a lot of the country. I’ll spare you the long drawn out poetic comparisons just to say that we do live in a beautiful country and you should get out and see it. Continue reading

The Weight Loss Yo-Yo


The Dry Erase Board of Truth.

Standing in front of a mirror naked (sorry for the visual) and really looking at yourself is really the only way to make yourself say, “Yeah, it’s time. I’ve got to do something.”

That along with actually being honest with yourself about all the reasons why you are in the place that you now are and what you are going to do to fix it.

Like so many times before, I’m starting this weight loss journey again with high hopes and expectations. I’ve seen the results of my other stints of working out and what has worked and what has failed. However, this time it’s going to be different.

First, lets go on a trip down memory lane. Let’s call it the “Jason Dannelly Holy Crap What the Hell Happened Weight Loss Yo-Yo of Fun.”

You see for whatever reason I can remember a lot of events in my life and what I weighed at the time. Ask me to remember details of those specific events or even what you told me five minutes ago and I can’t do it. But somehow I can remember these cold hard facts. Continue reading

All the Way: A Review of the LBJ Movie on HBO.

All_The_WayLast Saturday night I was sitting around my apartment looking for a show to watch. Seemingly I was caught up on all of my regular programming and I came across the HBO original movie “All the Way.”

It’s the story of Lyndon B. Johnson in case you weren’t making the connection quite yet.

Now understand, I’m not a history teacher and I know really nothing more about LBJ other than he was the guy who took over after Kennedy was assassinated and apparently liked to take a poop with the bathroom door open.

So everyone who wants to point out “that’s not accurate!” “that was overdone!” “typical blah blah blah” I’m sure you are right. . .or probably not. . .but that’s not the point of this review. Continue reading

The NAIA Football Weekly Report and Predictions by Jason Dannelly (9/5/15 Edition)

SOU RB Melvin Mason. Photo Courtesy SOU SID.

SOU RB Melvin Mason. Photo Courtesy SOU SID.

Well hey lookie there. . .the NAIA football has started and there has already been a round of upsets. But if you are like me, you start off initially shocked before talking yourself back into reality that it is essentially Week 0 and we don’t really know what anyone really has for a team.

I mean we can do some guess work and determine who some of the best teams in the country are but we don’t really know how they stack up. That’s the tough part but interesting part about NAIA football. Every team out there has some pretty good players, that goes without saying. But what do they have behind them and next to them are the real questions.

If you are going to be good at this level you have to have depth and you have to be able to sustain your success throughout the entire season. And to cap it off, you’d better be able to overcome some adversity. That’s ultimately why Marian University found themselves vying for a national title instead of missing the postseason. Continue reading