All the Way: A Review of the LBJ Movie on HBO.

All_The_WayLast Saturday night I was sitting around my apartment looking for a show to watch. Seemingly I was caught up on all of my regular programming and I came across the HBO original movie “All the Way.”

It’s the story of Lyndon B. Johnson in case you weren’t making the connection quite yet.

Now understand, I’m not a history teacher and I know really nothing more about LBJ other than he was the guy who took over after Kennedy was assassinated and apparently liked to take a poop with the bathroom door open.

So everyone who wants to point out “that’s not accurate!” “that was overdone!” “typical blah blah blah” I’m sure you are right. . .or probably not. . .but that’s not the point of this review.

I thought the show was tremendous and that Bryan Cranston was great as LBJ. Yes, that guy. . . Walter White, Malcom’s Dad, Heisenburg. . .was awesome.

The movie takes us from the moments after Kennedy was shot through the Civil Rights Movement and up to the time that LBJ was elected. It does a nice job of bringing known characters into the mix (Martin Luther King Jr., J. Edgar Hoover etc) without making them into caricatures of who they were in real life.

Cranston does a fantastic job capturing the witty and humorous banter during the show as well as the serious moments that you would expect from the President of the United States. Anthony Mackie (that guy who played the FB player in “We Are Marshall”) played a convincing Martin Luther King Jr. and Stephen Root (Milton from Office Space) was great as Hoover.

Overall, I’d say watch it. It’s not a waste of your time and you’ll be entertained. On a scale of 1-10, I’d say 7.5.

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