37 Years


Age 30 – The New Yorker? Really?

Today I turn 37.

37. . .holy crap. I guess I didn’t pay attention the last couple of years because they have flown by pretty quickly. Admittedly, there were a few years that couldn’t get over or be forgotten about quick enough. But come on, I swear I was like 31 just a little while ago.

37 is also a horrific year in celebrity deaths. It’s not like there was any cool drug overdoses of legends or other ways that people were “taken way too young.” At age 37, some serious stuff when wrong.

  • Lou Gehrig died of ALS.
  • Vincent Van Gogh shot and killed himself.
  • Christa McAuliffe died in the Challenger explosion.

Pardon me while I stare blank faced at my computer for 10 minutes thinking of the horrific ways I might die if I go this year. . . WOW. That was fun. Where’s my birthday party hat and candles?When I was younger (waaaay younger) I used to hear people say “it’s just another day” and think that I’d never get like that. But as I look back. . . I don’t remember much about any of my birthdays except for a few milestones. It really is. . . just another day.

Age 21: I wasn’t a drinker. In fact up to age 21 I had drank one beer in my life. It was on the roof of Holling Hall at Dana College on the last day of classes at the end of my freshman year. For my 21st birthday, I broadcast a high school basketball game between Blair High and Elkhorn Mount Michael. I went back to Blair, bought a six pack of Mike’s Hard Lemonade (shut it) and went back to a friends apartment and had a few. That was it. I wish there was a better story but I’ve not nothing.

Age 25: A couple friends came to Grand Island. We went to “Ruffs” drank too much and woke up feeling one of my Top 5 all-time hangovers. The 1st Ex was not pleased.

Age 30: Ate at Kona in Omaha. The 2nd Ex rounded up a bunch of friends and rented a Limo. We ended up in Blair at the New Yorker a little depressed about how much it had changed. It was honestly a pretty nice gesture by the 2nd Ex to set it all up. Kudos to her.

That’s the list. That’s all I can remember. In HS my Bday usually fell during a basketball game. So I’m sure I played some awesomely inspired game of hoops landing in the stands 2-3 times and careening the ball off the glass with as little touch as possible. (Side note to anyone who has seen me play basketball as an adult, I was a four year starter. That’s how bad we were.)

Most of my adult birthday’s I’m sure had some sort of “eat food somewhere” component to them but I honestly can’t remember. So what am I doing for my 37th birthday? Well, I’m waking up in a hotel room in Billings, Montana and heading out to see customers. Then. . .I’ll likely eat food somewhere. (Insert party favor emoji)

Thank you everyone for writing on my Facebook wall or texting me today. I really appreciate it. Honestly it’s the one thing that does make today special. I know some of you are only saying HBD because Facebook is reminding you but there is nothing wrong with that. At least you took the 8 seconds to say it. So. . .thank you.

Also, kudos to anyone to can wish me happy Bday on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Text Message and Phone. If you do that, I’ll know that you really care. . .or have too much time on your hands.

Thanks again!!!

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