“The Program” was Garbage. Time to Ruin Your Childhood.


“There’s no way this will sweat off.”

It’s been 25 years this fall since we were blessed with “The Program.” I remember going to the movie theater with my parents. At the time it was one of the most anticipated moments of my life. A real life college football movie! Tackles, YEAH! Touchdowns, YEAAHHH! Trash Talking, YEEEEAAHHHHHHHH! Face paint, FACE PAINT, YEAAHHHHHHHH.

The movie brought in 23 million dollars at the box office and nearly every person I played football with had a VHS tape of it. (Remember those?)

But let’s be honest, from a football perspective this movie is a steaming pile of garbage. I fully realize if 13 year old Jason was here right now he’d put a beat down on me. Partially due to the fact he’d be in much better shape and because I was obsessed with this movie so much I probably watched parts of it every week during my high school football career. Continue reading

Movie Review: The Founder

thefounderAfter a couple crazy week’s of travel I finally got home to enjoy a few hours of doing nothing this weekend and decided to pop on “The Founder” starring Michael Keaton. There’s a couple reasons why:

  1. I kinda like these “based on a true story” sorta kinda movies.
  2. Michael Keaton has been one of those guys I’ve always liked (“220. . .221. Whatever it takes”) and has had somewhat of a comeback in recent years.
  3. I’ve ate a lot of McDonald’s in my life.

Continue reading

My Kinda Annual Kansas City Royals Preview.


Duffy leads the Royals Rotation.

That’s right it’s baseball season! Sure March Madness is upon up and it seems like the Super Bowl just got over, but my brain is on summertime and Kauffman Stadium. So along with that it’s also time for for my kinda annual Royals preview. Mostly because there have been a lot of years I’ve wrote about the Royals but can’t remember all the years I’ve done it.

After achieving the ultimate accomplishment in 2015 the Royals clawed their way through the 2016 season to finish 81-81. To the casual baseball fan most would say the Royals lost their magic and 2015 was one of those lucky flukes or perfect storms.

Like most Royals fans I was disappointed in the overall record and finish of the Royals but wasn’t upset with the outcome. I think most true blue Royals fans would say it was almost a miracle to finish .500 after the dumpster fire that became the starting pitching rotation and the other injuries they encountered. It wasn’t mid 2000’s KC baseball but it wasn’t what we’ve become accustomed to either. Continue reading

37 Years


Age 30 – The New Yorker? Really?

Today I turn 37.

37. . .holy crap. I guess I didn’t pay attention the last couple of years because they have flown by pretty quickly. Admittedly, there were a few years that couldn’t get over or be forgotten about quick enough. But come on, I swear I was like 31 just a little while ago.

37 is also a horrific year in celebrity deaths. It’s not like there was any cool drug overdoses of legends or other ways that people were “taken way too young.” At age 37, some serious stuff when wrong.

  • Lou Gehrig died of ALS.
  • Vincent Van Gogh shot and killed himself.
  • Christa McAuliffe died in the Challenger explosion.

Pardon me while I stare blank faced at my computer for 10 minutes thinking of the horrific ways I might die if I go this year. . . WOW. That was fun. Where’s my birthday party hat and candles? Continue reading

Book Review: Downtown Owl

Downtown Owl CoverDowntown Owl is a book by Chuck Klosterman set in the fictional town of Owl, N.D.  When I moved to North Dakota last year my friend Brad said, “You need to read Downtown Owl.”

Months went by and I was back in Nebraska for a Saturday night when Brad reminded me again on one of our Omaha drives, “You need to read Downtown Owl.”

Of course I gave him the, “Oh yeah, you said that before. Yeah, I’ll definitely check it out man.”

On Friday, December 23rd I was back in Nebraska for the holidays. I had already finished up one Christmas the night before with the my brother and his girlfriend. Friday was my off day before getting back into the season of Christmas the next night at my Grandma Baker’s and the next day with my sister’s family. Brad was back “in the creek” so we decided to meet up and see how life had been going.

Like a couple of 90 year old men, we drove around looking at Christmas lights in small towns be mesmerized by the lack of lights or the overabundance of lights on any given block. There was also a lot of confusion as we crept past one house who had baby Jesus in a manger being overlooked by Santa Claus and Rudolph. (Go back and read that sentence one more time, and think about it for a second.) Continue reading

Kevin Donley: Caring More than Coaching.

img_8732Kevin Donley and the University of Saint Francis Cougars won the NAIA National Title tonight beating Baker University, 38-17. It’s the first championship for Donley at USF and I don’t know if I’ve mean more happy for a program or coach in all of my years of covering the NAIA.

One of the biggest reasons I covered the NAIA for as long as I have is because of the relationships I created with the coaches. After a few years and showing that I could be trusted many of them let me into their programs and into their personal lives outside of football.

My first real venture into meeting a lot of coaches began when I did “The Two-A-Day Tour”for my old web site. The concept was easy; go interview coaches and players all over the country during fall camp and add a bunch of content to the web site.

The execution was a little tougher. When I called to set up each of these stops I got met with a lot of resistance and questions. Who are you? Why do you want to do this? What’s the catch? Continue reading

Review: Running for His Life – The Lawrence Phillips Story


Phillips in 1996 vs. Florida.

Beautiful, tragic, heartbreaking and complicated. Those might be the best words to describe the life of former Husker Lawrence Phillips.

The story of LP to anyone from the state of Nebraska or the world of college football is anything but a mystery. If you followed the Cornhuskers at all in the 1990’s you know the ups and downs of the life of the most controversial runningback in the history of the program.

But what you probably don’t know are the details, reasons and the deep tragedy that was the man who asked Tom Osborne as a senior in high school “Who wears No. 1 for your team?”

Showtime captured the story of LP in 88 minutes better than anyone could have ever thought. Continue reading

The TV Series Blog

showsRecently I was talking with a few friends about TV shows and new series to watch. Like a lot of people, I enjoy a good binge session. If there is one thing I have learned to love about Netflix, HBO GO, Hulu and the other apps on my AppleTv it’s that if I don’t have plans, I can easily make them.

Quickly the conversation went from finding new things to watch to “dude, you watch too many shows.”

Is there such a thing? I mean the average American spends 33 hours a week watching TV. Some weeks, I blow that average out of the water. Other weeks, I would say I am right on and maybe even under.

The biggest difference is I don’t spend a lot of time watching network TV anymore. Growing up it seemed like every night of the week there were 2-3 shows that consistently were watched by the Dannelly family. Early on I remember “The Wonder Years” and “Rosanne” to be a couple the family sat around to watch each week.

You also have to understand that for a good portion of my childhood, I didn’t even know NBC existed. Where we lived in the country the over the air signal was limited to ABC and CBS. Because of that I credit my parents nightly ritual of KOLN/KGIN News at 6 (RIP Mel Maines) and Wheel of Fortune at 6:30. Of course this was all contingent on whether or not we were done milking cows, but I digress.

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2016 Rimington Award Winners

Rimington Award Winners for the Nation’s Top Center for FCS, DII, DIII and NAIA Announced.
Illinois State’s Mark Spelman Adds to an Already Impressive College Career

Rim_Trophy AwardDecember 10, 2016 – Mark Spelman of Illinois State University headlines the 2016 Rimington Award winners for the FCS, DII, DIII and NAIA divisions. This year’s selections mark the 14th time the top center of each respective level has received the award. Continue reading

Random Photos from 2016

montana12Yep, it’s that time again where I randomly dump about 50 photos I’ve taken from the last year or so on my blog. I keep forgetting to put photos on my blog because I have my Facebook page and 500px page where I keep most of these.

I don’t consider my photo skills to be anywhere close to that of people that do this as a full time gig. I just like doing it, so I thought I’d share. Over the last year I’ve traveled Minnesota, North Dakota and Montana for work. There have been some pretty awesome scenes out there and several times where I said, “Crap. . .probably should have my camera right now.” Continue reading