Movie Review: The Founder

thefounderAfter a couple crazy week’s of travel I finally got home to enjoy a few hours of doing nothing this weekend and decided to pop on “The Founder” starring Michael Keaton. There’s a couple reasons why:

  1. I kinda like these “based on a true story” sorta kinda movies.
  2. Michael Keaton has been one of those guys I’ve always liked (“220. . .221. Whatever it takes”) and has had somewhat of a comeback in recent years.
  3. I’ve ate a lot of McDonald’s in my life.

The gist of the story is this: Ray Kroc is selling milkshake machines, the McDonald’s brothers bought a bunch of the machines, Ray pays them a visit, Ray is wowed by what they have created in San Bernardino, Ray  and the Brothers agree to start franchising, the brothers don’t like it, Ray and works with Ryan from “The Office” to buy the land all the McDonald’s sits on, Ray gets divorced, Ray buys out the brothers and then. . .somehow Ray ends out with the wife of one of the guys who bought a McDonald’s franchise? That last part they didn’t really get into how that happened. Seems to me the first husband got cuckold but I digress.

This is a very watchable movie. I liked it from the historical perspective of how McDonald’s got started and expanded. Obviously, they left a bunch of stuff out but the core of the movie holds up well to the key facts.

If Michael Keaton isn’t Ray Kroc, this movie probably doesn’t hold water. Keaton is the perfect salesman and from all accounts plays a pretty spot on real life Ray Kroc. Nick Offerman is also good as Dick McDonald but the rest of the cast is pretty forgettable. As previously mentioned, BJ Novak plays the part of Harry Sonneborn as every BJ Novak character ever. Same guy in “The Office” same guy as “The Newsroom”. I’m a fresh faced guy that acts like I know a little more than you. . .and scene.

Should you watch this movie? Sure. . .but If you don’t see it right away you aren’t missing a giant piece of history. If you come across it, watch it. If not. . .read the wiki page on Ray Kroc and you can kinda figure out what happens.

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