First Round Predictions for the NAIA Postseason.

Game 1 – Saint Xavier (Ill.) (7-3) at Morningside (Iowa) (10-1): Tough matchup for the Mustangs but they get the win. MC 45 SXU 31

Game 2 – Point (Ga.) (8-2) at Baker (Kan.) (10-1): Baker is the much better team. Baker 35 Point 10

Game 3 – Lindsey Wilson (Ky.) (8-2) at Grand View (Iowa) (10-1): Lots of talent on the field. GV 31 LWC 24

Game 4 – Reinhardt (Ga.) (9-1) at Saint Francis (Ind.) (9-0): Dangerous game for the Cougars at home. Could see a lot of points. USF 49 RU 38

Game 5 – Dickinson State (N.D.) (8-2) at Montana Tech (9-1): Tech has what it takes to go deep this year in the postseason. Tech 31 DSU 10

Game 6 – Campbellsville (Ky.) (8-2) at Marian (Ind.) (8-2): I’m picking Marian but this game worries me on both ends. Campbellsville could surprise some people. Marian 42 Campbellsville 31

Game 7 – Kansas Wesleyan (10-1) at Southern Oregon (8-2): Its been a great run for KWU this year. SOU ends it. SOU 45 KWU 14

Game 8 – Doane (Neb.) (9-1) at Tabor (Kan.) (10-1): Smash mouth football at its finest. Tigers bounce back. Doane 31 Tabor 28.

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