This Day in NAIA Football History: Lindenwood beats Evangel plus John Thayer and I avoid electrocution.

September 2nd, 2010: Lindenwood started off their season with a 68-7 win over Evangel in a game that was marred by storms in the St. Charles, Mo. area. LU QB Philip Staback was 19-21 for 385 yards through the air while the Lions put up 735 yards of total offense. The game was also the first for head coach Brenton Illum at Evangel University.

On the lighter side, John Thayer and I broadcast the game as one of our “NAIA Game of the Week” broadcasts. Kickoff went off as scheduled at 6:00 and Lindenwood went right down the field and scored. Then came the rain. . .the lightning. . . and the delay. If I remember correctly John and I didn’t leave the stadium until well after midnight.

Every time there was a flash of lightning John and I would comically start counting to see how far away it was and if the delay would last for another 30 minutes. On the bright side, someone brought cigars which we consumed after one of the longer workdays we had on record.

We then slept for a few hours and got on the road the next day to Orange City, Iowa for Northwestern/Sioux Falls.

In case you don’t believe me, video evidence still exists:

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