Kansas State and Michigan BWW Bowl Thoughts fro Jason Dannelly

Kansas State and Michigan are set to lock things up Saturday in Tempe, but lingering questions around the Wolverines has many wondering which team will show up.

The Wolverine’s football season reminds me of the Total Recall movie remake that should have never happened. There are points in this season where Michigan looked like old school Arnold Schwarzenegger, just dominating, killing people and feeding his “thing” blondes. Then at times, they looked like Colin Farrell…no further explanation needed.

It truly has been a tale of two seasons for Michigan with the facade starting to crack in weeks three and four. Sure the Wolverines got wins and eventually started the season 5-0, but they didn’t exactly dominate the powerhouses of Akron and U-Conn. (This is the part where Michigan fan points out North Dakota State… shaddup).

The point is that Michigan has been all over the road like Lindsay Lohan after a night at the club (oh, right she’s “sober”). The Wolverines looked like a Big 10 champion in their narrow loss to Ohio State and looked anemic in late losses to Iowa and Nebraska.

So which group of Wolverines will show up on Saturday? Will it be Devin Gardner, Jeremy Gallon and Fitzgerald Toussaint lighting up the Wildcats like they did against their early season opponents? Or will this be the offense that averaged 2.8 yards per play against Iowa and Nebraska?

A lot of those questions will be answered in the coming two days and hinge on whether or not Devin Gardner, ol’ numba 98, is healthy. His ailing toe kept him out of Christmas Day workouts and Michigan offensive coordinator said that if they had to play today, it would be freshman Shane Morris taking the snaps.

In reality, it might not matter who takes the snaps for Michigan. Gardner hasn’t exactly been the reincarnation of Dennard Robinson and a new signal caller might be what the Wolverines need to shake up their offense against a K-State defense that has never seen the freshman in action.

Long story short, don’t bust out that 50 pack of Asian Zing and Mango Habanero wings to celebrate quite yet. The Wolverines could quite possible be one of the most dangerous teams the Wildcats have faced this year or one of the most offensively inept teams they have faced this year. It all comes down to if they play like Arnold or Colin.

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