Things I Could Do Without in 2013

Ahh yes, the inevitable end of the year reflection done by so poorly by so many. And that list now includes myself.  It seems like 2012 opened us up even more pop cultural fads which will hopefully fade as quickly as they began. 

I’m as guilty as the next person for checking out the Gangnum Style video more than once and for initially thinking it was a catchy little tune.  But PSY and several other things need to go away quicker than

Phillip Phillips: Seriously, if you like the song “Home” go ahead and stop reading the rest of this post.  You aren’t going to like what’s next.  You know why I like Mumford and Sons? They have a pretty sweet original sound that is authentic.  You know why I hate Phillip Phillips, whose parents obviously hate him more for naming him Phillip? Because he/they try to sound like a band most people are cool with. 

Anyone over the age of 26 with a non traditional streak of color in their hair.  Oh look! You have a streak of purple! And you’re 46? The only exception is if you work in the music industry or are a REAL artist. Not some guy in his moms basement making naughty Photoshops of Kate Upton. I don’t get it? You have blond hair, but decided to put one long streak of blue in it? Why? Who the heck thinks that looks good?

Nontraditional Football Uniforms and Helmets: Put on the fricken jersey and play would ya? There is no reason I should flip on any college football game and have to look three times to see who the heck is actually on the field.  I’m fine with a few different colors of jerseys, but a completely different uniform makeup and layout is idiotic.  Maybe its the radio/tv broadcaster in me that hates them? There’s nothing worse than calling a game and staring at the players for 15 seconds trying to figure out the number.

UFC Fighter That Try To Get Into A Fight. .  . at the Weigh In: Seriously, stop that. Fight is tomorrow jacko.

Conference Realignments: San Diego State is in the Big East and located in the state of California? I don’t need to say much more.  Let’s just take the big conferences and create “Super DI Football” and let them play against one another.

Hipsters: Yeah, sometimes I like popular things. I don’t need you staring disapproval through your fake glasses while adjusting your scarf to tell me that “Ted” isn’t that good of a movie or that “the best avocado dip is actually at… . blah blah blah”. If I wanted someone to constantly tell me about all of the things that actually were much cooler than the mainstream stuff I like I’d just read “Rolling Stone” magazine.

Erin Andrews: You are not a studio host. You are not a studio host.  Get back to the field and report.  Everyone has strengths, for instance in baseball there are starters and closers. You are not a studio host. Do what you do best.

YOLO: Uh huh, you only live once eh? Riveting development there, Skippy. Plus, you are offending my Hindu friends.

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