The NAIA Football Weekly Report and Predictions by Jason Dannelly (9/12/15 Edition)

Craig Mullins will be honored this week as Georgetown College plays Lindsey Wilson College. Mullen passed away last May from cancer. (News-Graphic Photo)

Craig Mullins will be honored this week as Georgetown College plays Lindsey Wilson College. Mullen passed away last May from cancer. (News-Graphic Photo)

Last week seemed as though every game was either a knockdown drag-out fight to the end or a blowout. The top games in the NAIA proved to be just that while 13 other games ended with the losers scoring 8 points or less. The GPAC/KCAC challenge was that in name and not in substance as the GPAC went 8-1 against their opponents from the south with the lone KCAC win being Kansas Wesleyan over Midland.

Needless to say this week should be a lot different across the country as there are seven featured games.

Morningside answered any questions their might be about their offense not being able to function without newly named Carolina Panther Brandon Wegher by putting up 897 yards of total offense against Sterling. The Mustangs had two rushers over 100 yards in the win.

Carroll College topped Southern Oregon 26-20 and even though the Saints won the game I was impressed by the talent SOU has on roster. The Raiders have a lot of guys who haven’t played together and they will only get stronger throughout the season. Mac Roche threw for 283 yards and three touchdowns in the victory. Continue reading

Campus Report 9/18/04 from Jason Dannelly: NAIA Matchup Sterling College at McPherson College

My dad and I had absolutely no interest being in Hillsboro , Saturday. We were told that between 15 and 30,000 people attend this craft day. We both laughed at the thought of that many people coming to a craft show, but we were wrong. Dad and I got out of town just in time to see a ten mile string of cars waiting to get into Hillsboro . Needless to say we were happy to be out of town.

As for McPherson and Sterling , I had a great time. I’ve always like talking to coaches no matter where they are from and Dave Cunningham and Andy Lambert are no exceptions. Cunningham has done a great job in getting the Bulldogs turned around while Lambert is just starting his quest with the Warriors. Both coaches are personable and are some of my favorite people to talk to.

McPherson has a nice small campus where the majority of the buildings looked very nice. There athletic facilities were some of the best I’ve seen in the KCAC. The football field is SprintTurf and is a great surface. McPherson has also done a good job of recruiting speed to that surface as the Bulldogs are a quick team. The press box is well done as there is plenty of space for the working media.

As for the football game, I really liked what I saw from both teams. Sterling College will win a game this season. They play too hard not too. They are a well coached team that looked to be very disciplined. They won’t win the KCAC, but they will improve.

McPherson was without the services of Lamar Jacobs for much of the game as he is recovering from a knee sprain. The person I came away most impressed with athletically on the entire field was McPherson slot back Sean Eason. His speed and quick moves showed he was probably the best athlete on the field. With Jacobs at full speed and Eason darting all over the place, the Bulldogs will be in the hunt for the KCAC title

Overall the trip to McPherson was productive and short. A big thanks to Carol Swenson for getting me set up at the game and to both teams for putting on a great game. Even though the final was 24-13, the game was much better than the 11 point margin of victory. Until next week.