Jason Dannelly: NAIA Football Recap and Predictions for Sept 27th

I wasn’t lying went I said there were a lot of “trap games” in NAIA football. Not only did the No. 1 team in the country lose last weekend but a total of nine teams that were rated or receiving votes were upset by lower ranked or unranked teams.

Obviously the biggest shock was Grand View University losing to Marian. When I looked at all of the games last weekend this game didn’t even cause me to give it a second look. It had all the makings of another GV win, so kudos to Marian for upsetting the NAIA’s top team and causing a stir at the top of the rankings.

In the end, it makes the season a whole lot more fun when there are few different teams at the top of the rankings. Some of the best in the NAIA already have a notch in the loss column and I do not believe it discounts them as a team or takes them out of the running for a potential national title. Continue reading

Jason Dannelly: NAIA Football Review/Preview for Monday, September 8th.

Photo Courtesy of SOU Sports Information

Photo Courtesy of SOU Sports Information


Just inhale . . .follow with an exhale.

It’s going to be okay.

The college football season is officially fully underway and from looking at the NAIA twittersphere one would think the season is over for some of these teams. Sure there were some pretty good upsets this weekend but overall it shouldn’t change your opinion on many of these teams quite yet.

Unless the injury bug bit your team hard this weekend because the name of the game in the NAIA is depth. Teams that have depth can survive a few bumps and bruises while teams that lack it will really struggle this year.

Early last week I said the game of the week was going to be Carroll College at Southern Oregon. The NAIA national office also officially gave the game that title and the Raiders and Saints did not disappoint. SOU defeated Carroll 38-35 as quarterback Austin Dodge found Victor Dean from 22 yards out with just seven seconds left to play in the game. The TD capped off a seven play, 80-yard drive that took just 1:23 to execute.

Dodge was impressive going 21-30 on the day for 281 yards passing, two touchdowns and no interceptions but equally as impressive was Raider running back Melvin Mason who rushed 27 times for 202 yards and three touchdowns. Mason’s performance was easily the grittiest we have seen from a running back in a big NAIA game for quite a while. Continue reading

Jason Dannelly Review/Preview of NAIA Football for Sept 6th

Technically we are two weekends into the NAIA football season and seemingly there haven’t been any giant causes for panic and things are not on fire. Well, not yet anyway. So before any coaches jump onto a horse and start launching tridents at their opponents let’s actually see what we have learned the first two weeks of the season… .

Jason Dannelly Review/Preview of NAIA Football for Sept 6th

JD Show Podcast: We are Getting Soft.

This week’s podcast I discuss how we are all getting soft with the words we use and what we allow to “hurt” us in our lives. While some things have needed to change it doesn’t mean everything in our lives should now be soft or politically correct.


JD Show Podcast: Jason Dannelly talks KC Royals and Attending County Fairs

This week we look at where the Kansas City Royals sit at the break and examine the world of county fairs on the JD Show Podcast.


JD Show Podcast: Thoughts on Opie and Anthony and a little Lebron talk.

This week I talk a little bit about the move for Lebron from Miami to Cleveland and spend quite a bit of time talking about the Opie and Anthony Show and the decision Sirius XM made to fire Anthony. I spent time in studio a few years ago seeing OnA live thanks to Anthony and I have a hard time believing this isn’t the final months of Opie and Jimmy on the radio. The OnA talk starts at the 8:17 mark.

Listen Now: http://victorysports.podbean.com/e/jd-show-podcast-opie-and-anthony-show-thoughts-and-lebron/

The End Of Californication, One of My Favorite TV Shows Ever.

Last night was the series finale of “Californication” on Showtime. This has easily been one of my favorite shows ever on TV. Early on the writing was comical, sexy, controversial and left me binging new episodes as I caught up three seasons into the show

But even as a big fan of the show, I have to say the last couple of seasons have been disappointing. It’s almost like the writers were expecting that season to be the last and phoned it in until the found out “crap, we need to leave this open for another year!”

Hank Moody is probably a top five all-time television character for me. I’d be lying to you if I didn’t point out I often found Moody to be someone I could relate to given my life and some of the situations I have gotten myself into.

While the Moody character often was seen as someone with little self control and his own worst enemy, in the end he cared deeply about those who were close to him and was always trying to do good for them despite the mess he found himself in. Continue reading

JD Show Podcast: Jason Dannelly talks with Bruce Parker the new AD of Rocky Mountain College.

Bruce Parker was named the new athletic director of Rocky Mountain College in Billings, Mont. today. Parker, formerly the athletic director of Carroll College in Helena, Mont., has been a longtime friend and colleague of Jason Dannelly and took time out of his busy schedule today to talk about his move to Rocky Mountain. Bruce Parker is a previous winner of the NAIA’s athletic director of the year award among many other national awards.

JD Show Podcast: Jason Dannelly talks with Bruce Parker the new AD of Rocky Mountain College.

The Pup: KC

KC keeps growing. She’s staring at me because she thinks I’m food. (German Shep/Mastiff for a mom, black lab for a dad.)

JD Show Podcast: Jason Dannelly Talks with John Gaskins of 93.7 The Ticket about sexuality in sports plus the KC Royals.

John Gaskins comes on the JD Show Podcast to talk about sexuality in sports and KC Royals Baseball. Gaskins is the program director of 93.7 The Ticket in Lincoln, Neb. “Back in the day” Dannelly used to come on “Sports Talk with Craig and John” to talk about NAIA sports.

JD Show Podcast: Jason Dannelly Talks with John Gaskins of 93.7 The Ticket about sexuality in sports plus the KC Royals.