The End Of Californication, One of My Favorite TV Shows Ever.

Last night was the series finale of “Californication” on Showtime. This has easily been one of my favorite shows ever on TV. Early on the writing was comical, sexy, controversial and left me binging new episodes as I caught up three seasons into the show

But even as a big fan of the show, I have to say the last couple of seasons have been disappointing. It’s almost like the writers were expecting that season to be the last and phoned it in until the found out “crap, we need to leave this open for another year!”

Hank Moody is probably a top five all-time television character for me. I’d be lying to you if I didn’t point out I often found Moody to be someone I could relate to given my life and some of the situations I have gotten myself into.

While the Moody character often was seen as someone with little self control and his own worst enemy, in the end he cared deeply about those who were close to him and was always trying to do good for them despite the mess he found himself in. Continue reading