My Top Five Reasons Why Nebraska Football Will Never Return To Glory Unless Something Changes Other Than The Head Coach.

gates copyI knew you were thinking it.

“I wonder what that guy who used to write about NAIA football all the time and sells farm equipment now thinks about the current state of the Nebraska football program?”

Well you’re in luck! It’s cold in North Dakota today, the Bison are on the road and Nebraska doesn’t play until later. So that gives me plenty of time to throw out a bunch of polarizing ideas that will have half of my friends blocking me on Facebook and the other half rolling with laughter. Keep in mind, I’ve done zero research before writing this article.

Plus I took the under in this Mississippi State/Arkansas game and that doesn’t look promising right now. Kinda like the future of Nebraska football unless something changes, other than the coaching situation. So here you go folks! Continue reading

Jason Dannelly Returns After a Three Month Hiatus to Talk Royals, Raiders, Huskers and Life!

After a three month hiatus of watching the KC Royals and never getting around to doing a podcast, Jason Dannelly returns this week to talk about the Royals season, the sports he loves, the Oakland Raiders and several other subjects. It’s machine gun podcasting this week with subject coming from all over the place!