My Favorite Shots of 2014

This year was a bit of a resurgence of my photography work and needless to say I had a lot of fun. During interterm of my junior year at Dana College I took “Intro to 35MM Photography” and I can safely say it is the one class at Dana I walked away with a tangible skill I could use in the real world. Don’t take that as “I learned nothing else at Dana” because that’s not true. I was a writer and a broadcaster and college got me better at those two things.

But that photography class. . .that’s the one where I walked in knowing virtually nothing and left knowing the basics of a skill I could use the rest of my life. Keep in mind this was pre-digital photo days so you had either 24 or 36 chances to MAYBE get it right before you went back out and did it all again after you developed your film and realized you had zero clue what you were doing. Continue reading