The Carlson Windmill – Saint Edward, Nebraska

Low Res Panoramic Version of a Windmill west of Saint Edward, Neb. Great clouds tonight for photos.

Productive Sunday of making burritos to freeze and eat. Went a little overboard with chicken and turkey.

Inspiration vs. Plagiarism


A frenchman named Maxime Barbier copied one of my movies, the concept, the idea, nearly scene for scene, and in places line for line. Then he sold that movie to Coca Cola. Then he thanked me on Facebook for the ‘inspiration’.

New Years Eve 2012 I embraced my inner romantic, spontaneously…

Inspiration vs. Plagiarism

Charlie McBride and I at the Rimington banquet. Great man, gracious to chat with him briefly.

Rimington Trophy, looks good. Gonna try to sneak out of here with it. @drimington @rimingtontrophy @michelle_pelini

Merry Christmas from the Dannelly Brothers! #griswoldfamilychristmas

NAIA Football National Championship Photos from Jason Dannelly – Set 4